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Woodland Improvement Scheme one

Woodland Improvement Scheme two

Forest Road Grants

Harvesting and Timber Production

Harvesting Regulations

Relevant Publication

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Timber Sales

Timber Sales – Useful Tips

Timber Prices

Forrest Establishment grants

Afforestation grant and premium categories

Important information

Relevant publications

Grant aid

Forestry Grants and Premium Payments – Terms & Conditions

Interaction of forestry with other farm schemes

Forestry and the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

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How do I apply for my Annual Forestry Premium?

How do I register for online services?

Do I need to send Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) details with the online application?

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Relevant publication Three

Relevant publication Four

Relevant publications Five



Legal requirements for tree felling

Tree felling licence application form and detailed guidance notes

Examples of completed application forms

Site Notice

Further information

Relevant documents

Tree Breeding / Genetics

Past research projects

Current research projects

Past research projects Two

Current research projects

Past research projects

Further information

Forestry Videos




Coford Research Information

EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)

Irish Guidelines & Regulations

Forest Service, DAFM

National Forest Inventory

Pesticides Regulation and Control Division, DAFM

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