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AGM , 15 of June 2017 – Ballaghtobin, Callan, Co. Kilkenny


The event began with Director Will Gabbett leading a walk of his forestry and discussing his enterprises: firewood, wood chip and Christmas trees. Then, all the members enjoyed a barbecue in the evening sun.  The  AGM provided members with an opportunity to hear from Chairman Anthony Browne, Secretary Will Gabbett and Treasurer Gemma Sherman and the progress of the group was discussed. New Office Manager Aine Walsh and student Adrien Lannes were welcomed to the team.  Kate Hickey was nominated onto the board and the meeting came to close.


12235118_675610142576414_5951154607880117459_nFirewood Meeting – Will Gabbett
The November event started with a tour of Will Gabbett’s firewood processing facilities, discussing equipment options, fire wood quality and customer expectations.  Will then facilitated a discussion, where everyone shared their experiences and identified issues with which the group could help.  Thanks to the large number of members who traveled to the event.

T12020020_655091791294916_798892129776613554_nalking Timber in Tullow – Bryan Hennessy
At the Teagasc September event in Tullow, member Bryan Hennessey delivered an insightful presentation into his range of forestry plantations including mature Western Hemlock, young Sitka Spruce, Larch and mixed broadleaves. Bryan has already harvested a number of times, selling timber and woodchip.  He has also created wildlife ponds and habitats,  breeds barn owls and is considering continuous cover for the more mature plots.

12240036_672903849513710_425545958095453928_nIrish Forest Owner Group – Teagasc
Nicholas Sweetman represented IWP at the Teagasc Forest Owner Group meeting in November in Tullamore, where Coillte gave an overview of their new tracking system and Alex Kelly summarised IWP’s activities to date.   Many groups were represented and spoke of a range of collaborative activity around the country.

Site Visits
We thank our  members for facilitating group site visits during 2015: Tom Hickey, Paddy Gaule, Philip Dunphy, Edward Hayes, Jim Walker, Nicholas Roberts, Burke Corbett and Brendan Doyle from D-Plant Horticulture.


Measuring Timber  – As remembered in a poem by member Nicky Cowman

Hornbeam, Holly, Hickory, Beech
Twenty seven you give for each
Oak and Walnut, Apple and Pear
Twenty eight to the ton will bear
Thirty feet for Elm and Plane
                                           Sycamore, Chestnut, Cherry the same
                                           Alder, Birch and Poplar tree
                                           group together at thirty three
                                           Nearly all the Firs and Pine
                                           Come together at thirty nine
                                           Lastly and its really time
                                           Think of forty feet for Lime
                                           A class to itself in Ash you`ll find
                                           Thirty two please bear in mind

                                           (Cubic feet per ton of dry timber)