IrFaith 031ish Wood Producers.. A not for profit company managed by private forest owners to support almost 750 members with the sustainable management and development of their forestry.

Many of us started out as members of a local discussion group and with some funding support and a lot of volunteer hours, our company has evolved a strong commercial element to deliver services to our members.  Through the SIMWOOD project, we have learned that very harvesting event, Ballyfoyle, Kilkennylarge producer groups are mainstream across Europe and we your team of directors have volunteered our time because we believe this structure will work well for the private forestry sector in Ireland and together we are stronger.    We would encourage everyone to optimise their forestry resource, invite you to join us at any of our events, share your knowledge with your peers or learn from those, who have ventured into forest management.

 IWP, the local discussion groups and associated projects have been supported by Kilkenny Leader Partnership, the Danone Global Ecosysteme project Vulcan,  Wexford Local Development, the 7th framework Programme and Laois Partnership Company.

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