The main advantage of the group is clustering forest activities in local areas to secure contractors and together reaching economy of scale for timber markets.

New clusters are being organised so contact
us ASAP if you want to be included in this year’s schedule.

Initial visit – free of charge.

Services – minimal fees apply to sustain the group into the future.

As in previous years, members will be notified of local site visits to see harvesting, shaping, chipping and other forestry activities, by text and details will also be posted on the website / Facebook page.

The group runs events and accredited training courses towards best practice and the company’s sustainability charter.

We encourage everyone to  Optimise your forestry resource, invite you to join us at any of our events and exchange information.  Site visits are facilitated by members and notification is by text and details are posted on the website and Facebook pages. If you would like to receive updates / a newsletter please Contact Aine in the office (Mon & Wed).